Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ubuntu let me down, but let me recover

Ok, I've been running Ubuntu Linux since November.  The only real complaint I've had about it is the sound system turns itself off occasionally if more than one user is logged on (very irritating).

Today, I tried to update to the latest Release Candidate.  I had the time in the afternoon, even though my evening was going to be full.

After doing the upgrade, my system refused to boot.  This has never happened while using FreeBSD or OpenSolaris.  And since I'm very bad about doing backups, it's beyond a little irritating.

Since a lot of my files are "in the cloud", it's not a fatal problem.  However, I cannot find the original Windows install disk (which I run in Virtual Box).  Since I have some work I am forced to do in Windows from time to time, that is a big problem.  I may be forced to shell out money to get Win7.

I was able to install the old version of Ubuntu along side the new and broken version, which gives me access to the filesystem.  Currently doing the backups I should have been doing, and then I'll wiped the disk, do a fresh install, and restore the data.  Hopefully, before too much longer, I'll be back to normal.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stargate Universe; I'm done

Ok, I really really wanted to like Stargate Universe.  I like the franchise a great deal.  The idea of being trapped in a distance galaxy trying to find their way home did not deter me from wanting to like it, even if it has been done already in Star Trek.  I was hoping for a SG1 type team to get out there and show what we can do.  Explore a little, fight a little, do some techie things.

Then I found out they were going to borrow heavily from Battlestar. I like my stories to have heroes.  In Battlestar, I felt that the original ('80s) story of tragedy and how humans can rise above it had been changed into one of how low could humans go.  How base could they be. blech.  Oh, I understand that Science Fiction is all about the speculative and should expand our conversations, blah, blah, blah.  And I agree.  Make a movie, write a short story, heck even a novel.  But a series?  Come on, it' gets old after the first couple of episodes. If I cannot connect with a character and see some growth, I might as well be watching CSPAN.

And sure enough, SGU became the same thing.  Instead of a bold leader who keeps his people together, we have a idiot who traps his most experience techie on a planet, then tries to cover it up and in the process kill another crew member.  That same techie killing someone because he thinks it's a good idea. A action hero type who's brain is firmly set between his legs.

Lt James cannot carry this whole show.

In the last episode, we see the communication stones fail, and we never find out why.  No one is even curious.  Are we in the same universe with Dr. McKay?

In the next episode, the civilians lock the military out and take over the ship.  How in the world can this resolved in any way that is remotely believable?  Is the military going to say, "Oh, we didn't know how serious you were, you can run the ship?"  They will have to let them out sometime, and the military is going to want to resume command, and now they cannot trust the civilians at all. The civilians can already not trust the military because the commander is insane. (And the guy on Earth who wants to take over is not any better).

I'll say it again, I like heroes in my stories.  SGU, I'm done.  May be next season.