Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Running a Glassfish environment in an OpenSolaris Zone

There's a post on running Glassfish in an OpenSolaris zone http://number9.hellooperator.net/articles/2007/03/29/glassfish-in-a-zone

I've used that as a starting point to accomplish the same thing, but not being an Unix administrator, I did not understand some things I think he took for granted, which if I were smarter in these things I probably would have understood. I attempted to follow his instructions and got to the point of installing Glassfish. He using v2 and I would rather use v3-prelude. Since v3 uses a graphically installer and I can't seem to run any xclients out of a zone (even with ssh -X), I was forced to use the zip file from the downloads page. Now, however, I cannot access any updates or install any plugins.

Also, I'd like to have MySql installed in this same zone, but that does not seem to be available, even though it is in the Global zone. Now I have to decide if I want to reinstall it in the Global zone or install it to the new zone or point a jndi or jdbc connect back to the real machine.

What I'm trying to to: I need an application to track fighters for my local SCA group. Yes I can do that in a spreadsheet as the previous person that was in charge of this did. However, I'm a Java programmer and can use this to get some experience in Glassfish and Grails programing. I also want to be able to write and install other java/grails apps for home use.

Since I'll be using the same machine for development, I'd like to get the "production" version on another machine, at least virtually. A Zone will allow me to put it on a different IP. With the App Server and the Database in the "production" zone, I can test on port 8080 and the apache server on port 80 without clashes.

Did God guide the stone?

I'm currently reading Soul Sword by Vernon Kitabu Turner (highly suggest it).  It's given me a lot to think about when it comes to Martial Arts, including my SCA fighting, but also Theology.

One thing I've been thinking about for the last few days is how God prepares us and guides us in life. To use a Biblical example, let's take the story of David and Goliath. I struggle sometimes, as a Christian, with (in my own life, but using this example) did God guide the stone to strike Goliath, or did God prepare David for the task and trust that David would accomplish it.

If you read David's story up to this point, you can see that he has already used the sling to protect the sheep he was in charge of. You can see that the story is telling us that David was an expert with that weapon. The part of the story we don't talk about so much is that David was prepared for this fight. He was not just a kid that picked up a stone and saved the day. Yes, he trusted in God and put aside his fear to step up and do something everyone else was afraid of.

So, what am I trying to say. Trust yourself. God has prepared you for the things he wants you to do, trust that He is capable of getting you there. He does.