Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Request to Apple; move iTunes to the cloud

To the company known as Apple,

I'm possibly not exactly your target customer, or in the demographic you are going after (those with enough money to buy new electronics every year or so).  But, I have owned 3 Macs (a Ti Powerbook, a iMac, and a Powermac) and 3 iPods.  The Macs have finally died, they are about 8 years old, but the iPods are running just fine.  Well not exactly fine, because I cannot update 2 of them at all, and it's a pain to update the 3rd (have I mentioned my Macs have died).

The computer I use for Java programming is still working, but it's running Ubuntu. I've tried updating the iPods using Windows under VirtualBox. It more or less works for one, mine which is older, but not for either of my kids', which I am more concerned about.  And I would like to buy one for my wife, but not until I can update the other ones.

I think iPods are at this point the best portable mp3/video/podcast players out there.  I'm using my Droid for playing podcasts at work, but it's not as seamless as the iPod is/was.  And I worry about running the battery out on my phone by listening to music.

I have no desire to run Windows next to the metal on any machine I have at home.  I promise you, as soon as I have enough money to purchase a Mac Mini or an iMac, money that is not already demanded by car repairs, house repairs, etc., etc., etc, I will send it your way.  To get by, I'm considering getting a netbook running Win7. I kinda really don't want to (sorry to whine).  I've been Windows free (except for virtual environments) at home for most of my career.  I have to deal with it at work, and I'd like to leave it there.

So, Apple, how can you help me out. Move iTunes to the cloud. Give me a web interface and enough disk space to store my mp3's (seriously, you have it all there anyway, behind the scenes, just give me a link to my purchases in your catalog, along with some extra space for any mp3's I've uploaded or leverage the remote access ability in Me.com and let me stream it from a Mac in my house).  It should be possible to access the iPod using Flash, Java, or html5.  And let me stream my collection to my work pc, home pc, Droid, iPod touch, iPhone, etc.  I know that might cut into your electronics sells, but you're going to charge me for the service (free would be great, but I know your here to make money, not provide me with goodies).

So, come on Apple, help me out. I don't want to change my brand of media players, but it may be a while before I can afford another Mac. If instead of moving iTunes to the cloud you want to put out a $250 iMac/iNetBook/iTablet/iWhatever, I can be ok with that.

Thanks for listening.