Friday, October 30, 2009

Where is your heart?

I've wanted to be a writer since I was a teenager.  I remember my mom asking me if it was alright if my cousin read a story I was working on, because she was much younger and my mom was afraid the story my have "adult" themes in it.  It didn't, so my cousin was my very first reader.

In my early twenty's, on a midnight shift in the Air Force, I decided I needed to make my name standout, for the binder of a book.  I played with different spellings of Ricky, Rich, and Rick, but I no longer felt like a Ricky, which I had been growing up.  Some people were calling me Rich; some Rick.  I decided I liked Rick, so I played with different spellings like Ric and Rik.  It didn't hurt that the horse clan books were some of my favorite at the time.  So I started spelling my name Rik, primarily because I thought it would look good on a book cover.

I've heard that real authors keep something to write on close by, because they never know when a story might hit them.  I just noticed that I do the same, but not for stories, but for coding problems.  I had to run down stairs a moment ago to write down the pseudo-code for a design I have to turn in on Monday, because I had finally worked part of it out.

So although I've always wanted to be a writing, it's possible at this time, I am were I am supposed to be.  Hopefully like Dave Duncan (a wonderful writer) I can retire to my dream of writing.  But for now, I am what I am.  A programmer.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Keeping it separate

I've decided to move all programming posts off to their own blog (Just Thinking: Code).  This allows me to post code, or thoughts on programming languages and issues without messing it up with thoughts on gluten insensitivity, theology, martial arts, or just random thoughts.  Geeky thoughts that don't specifically deal with a programming solution will still be posted here.

In a similar vein, if I feel the un-suppressible need to post about politics, I will post it to Just Thinking: Politics.

Writing on Twitter

My last post on Twitter stated that I hadn't found my voice yet. Since then I've used it for quick updates on Fighter Practice or Aikido for those interesting in what I'm doing there; some quick thoughts that others might find helpful; and some thoughts I've found funny. If I thought it was anything that needed more explanation, I would come here to post it.

I had thought I would throw out the occasional political statement there, as I've taken a stand that it's inappropriate to make divisive political statements on Facebook, as FB seems more geared towards friends getting together for bs sessions. Most people would not throw out something just to generate an argument in such a setting.

So I threw something out on twitter that generated a lot of feedback from friends. And I realized that I was not comfortable with that. Not because of those friends, who are great and I love them dearly, but because of the crowd watching.

It's a shame that our society has gotten to a point that taken a political stand can destroy friendships, and possibly generate enough hatred as to put one in physical danger.

Mr Card

Moved to Just Thinking: Politics