Thursday, February 26, 2009

Write, just write

Dustin says I should be blogging (article). Does this count :-)

Chrome or Firefox

Yes, I'm a terrible blogger. One of many who have to come out and say, "I haven't blogged for a while, but...."

Updating my trail of Google's Chrome:

I've switched back to using Firefox for two reasons. First and foremost by a lot is plugins. I really use the Read Later plugin at work and at home to flag articles I do want to read, but my not have the time or the interest when I find them. I use several others, but at work (where I run Windows and can run Chrome), the primary one is Read Later. As an aside, Google Notebooks plugin is also a big one for me, but as Google has stopped production on Notebook, I'm looking for a replacement. I need a good research tool to take notes and save articles I find on the web in a long term and searchable way.

At home, I also would miss Coffee Break and Web Developer quite a bit, but since I run OpenSolaris at home, I don't have the ability to run Chrome.

The second reason I'm not using Chrome much is the proxy environment. Running Chrome I seem to see the login dialog for the proxy a lot. It comes up a lot in Firefox too, but not as much as in Chrome. The proxy they use at work is a pain and only really works well in IE, but firefox seems to get around it better than Chrome does.

Once Chrome supports plugins and if Read Later is ported over to it (and/or other plugins come out for Chrome that would make me more productive), I may try Chrome again as my main browser. (I still and will continue to use it for somethings, like quick access to things like gmail).